Memorandum of Understanding now in effect for NanoWorldMaps

Von |2021-02-08T13:43:42+00:00Februar 8th, 2021|

Following on from the Letters of Intent submitted by interested parties in 2019, which helped to make clear the likely applications for very high throughput electron microscopy, and potential hosts of infrastructure hubs, in January 2021 a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the NanoWorldMaps consortium has come into effect, having been signed by a quorum of [...]

2020 consortium meeting held

Von |2020-11-23T14:01:33+00:00November 16th, 2020|

A half-day 'virtual' meeting of the NanoWorldMaps consortium was held on 4th November 2020 in order to exchange scientific experience with large-area high-speed and high-resolution imaging, to discuss a governance structure for the consortium, to develop links with existing European Research Infrastructure facilities, and to consider future funding opportunities. Scientific presentations covered the use of [...]

Design study favourably reviewed, but not funded

Von |2020-09-14T11:30:29+00:00September 14th, 2020|

In late 2019, the NanoworldMaps consortium submitted a proposal for an EU funded infrastructure design study (call H2020-INFRADEV-2019-3). The concept involved an international network of several multiple-beam scanning electron microscope facilities, each supported locally by complementary sample preparation and imaging instrumentation appropriate to specific application areas, as well as central hubs for management, data-archiving and [...]

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