Sustainable operation of NanoWorldMaps

Funding opportunities for the operation phase

NanoWorldMaps enables researchers from academia and industry to use cutting-edge Large Area 2D/3D Imaging technologies in three different formats. NanoWorldMaps is currently in the concept phase and is working on a funding concept with a structured schedule of fees as a component of a sustainable and cost-covering operation.

  • Access Program: The future NanoWorldMaps Access Program enables an assisted and funded access to the infrastructure.

  • Beamtime Booking: Scientists and users from the industry will be able to use Beamtime Booking according to their needs.

  • Multi-Node Projects: Scientists with very high imaging requirements can use the Multi-Node Project service of combining the imaging power of several future NanoWorldMaps nodes.

Funding opportunities for the operation of NanoWorldMaps, click for full-size image

NanoWorldMaps lays the foundations for implementation

Until now, six NanoWorldMaps members have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to form the implementation consortium and define the governance structure for the implementation period. At three annual meetings so far, NanoWorldMaps members have discussed the concept of NanoWorldMaps and prepared the proposal for the EU INFRA Concept Study call.

NanoWorldMaps 1st Annual Meeting participants
Participants of the 1st NanoWorldMaps Annual Meeting 2019 in Oberkochen, Germany

Funding opportunities for the implementation phase

The NanoWorldMaps implementation phase is characterized by the concept development towards a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) and the establishment of the nodes and the procurement of the necessary instrumentation. NanoWorldMaps is seeking EU funding for implementation. The equipment of the nodes is to be provided by national and EU co-funded programs.

Funding opportunities for the implementation of NanoWorldMaps
NanoWorldMaps members who have signed an MoU and interested organisations