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NanoWorldMaps – Europe’s future Research Infrastructure for Large-Area Nano-Scale-Imaging in Life and Material Science

NanoWorldMaps is currently in the design phase. NanoWorldMaps will become:

  • Europe’s leading distributed Research Infrastructure for

  • Large-Area Nano-Scale-Imaging

  • In Life and Material Science

Recent news

2020 consortium meeting held

A half-day 'virtual' meeting of the NanoWorldMaps consortium was held on 4th November 2020 in order to exchange scientific experience with large-area high-speed and high-resolution imaging, to discuss a governance structure for the consortium, to [...]

Design study favourably reviewed, but not funded

In late 2019, the NanoworldMaps consortium submitted a proposal for an EU funded infrastructure design study (call H2020-INFRADEV-2019-3). The concept involved an international network of several multiple-beam scanning electron microscope facilities, each supported locally by [...]

If you are interested in becoming  a NanoWorldMaps member, or would like more information about the consortium and our concept, please contact us here.